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Renting Apartments with Pools & Communal Facilities Buenos Aires – Please Read this Advice Sheet…

Every year the same problems seem to crop up when clients rent apartments with pools in Buenos Aires and/or other communal facilities such as a solarium, gym or laundry.
Each year we put out the same information and refer our clients to our terms and conditions and FAQs when they request an apartment and when we send them a quotation.

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We do not like apartments with pools and outside facilities in Buneos Aires for a number of reasons.

‘’To make outgoing calls a ‘’calling card’’ must be used, which are available at most Kiosks. We do not guaranteed third party services to include communal building facilities, seasonal facilities (pool & solarium), utilities, telephone, cable and internet because of provider unreliability. We always recommend you obtain a cellular phone and GSM wireless internet card if communications and the internet are important. Note: This problem is not unique to Buenos Aires Stay Apartments! We promise to ‘tell it like it is!’’

In addition, so do our FAQs:

‘’Your rent payment is fully inclusive of all costs and includes all services, local taxes and utilities, apart from telephone calls unless you are notified differently before making a reservation. Apartment landlines prohibit both international and mobile phone calls and require that you buy credit. Most apartments come with a cleaning service and change of towels and linens once a week. Please check the property particulars for specific information. If it does not state there is a cleaning service then there is not one. Where communal services are provided they are not guaranteed and outside facilities and pools are available for use only during the summer. It is your responsibility to choose and agree an apartment that meets all your expectations.’’

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  • Apartment blocks are good and bad, they generally have an internal legal entity (consorcio) and an administration company managing the block. They determine each year how money is spent, and if indeed, pools will open. Sometimes they do not open at all and we are last two know. Absent owners, never find out until it is too late. We cannot guarantee third party services.
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Luxury Suites & Pool – you get what you pay for…

  • Quite often, we find that pools and communal facilities poorly managed and some pool areas are downright dangerous and we would not use them ourselves, and most certainly, we would not let our children use them at all or unsupervised. The chlorination of pools is often to strong and occasionally non-existent and we have a number of reports that indicate young children may have caught impetigo in pools.
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Luxury House with Pool Palermo you get what you pay for…

I think the above points are important ones you might consider. When you rent an apartment, you should ask about the block, its age and the general state of communal facilities. They are important points. Our staff will always refer you to our terms of business and extend a warning, particularly when you are a family traveling with children.

If you rent an apartment from Buenos Aires Stay Apartments you will find us honest and upfront about both our apartments and the blocks, that’s what you pay for.

Sometimes clients  fail to read our terms and conditions even after they receive three emails that state, ‘’please read our terms and conditions’’, or find for whatever reason the pool is closed, or they think the pool substandard – we know and we do provide honest and upfront advice.

We would not bother renting an apartment with a pool in Buenos Aires or expect too much if the apartment block was not recently built or in one of the ‘’luxury towers’’.

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