Buenos Aires Argentina to Colonia, Montevideo & Punta del Este Uruguay


Many clients ask us about traveling from Buenos Aires  to Uruguay - Colonia, Montevideo and Punta del Este are favorites.

Our blog is about Buenos Aires, but we copy and paste this fact sheet more times a day than we care to remember.

This blog serves several purposes:

  • We now have an informational page about travel to Colonia, Montevideo and Punta del Este, Uruguay
  • WE LOVE Montevideo and Punta del Este
  • We get the chance to offer our apartments for rent in Punta del Este

We dissuade clients from traveling to Uruguay who are staying in Argentina for just a short time. Not because we have anything against Colonia, Montevideo or Punta del Este, but because there is too much for tourists to do in Buenos Aires and Argentina and we want to ensure tourists get bang for their buck and explore the wonders of the Argentine.

However, if our clients are staying in Buenos Aires for a while and using their Buenos Aires Apartments as a base to travel Argentina and see some other South American countries we do recommend a wonderful tour that captures the very best of Uruguay and later we will add details of our recent trip to Bolivia, which was a hoot!

Our tour takes travelers by ferry to Colonia for a Thursday morning of sightseeing and lunch; on to Montevideo for the evening with a hotel and dinner and then the next day sightseeing Montevideo; followed by an early evening drive to glitzy Punta del Este to check into your apartment and have supper on the balcony.  We leave enough fresh pasta, sauce and some great Malbec for your supper!

In case you do not know, Punta del Este is the seaside playground of rich Argentines and international travelers.

Our guests usually stay in one of our own apartments in Punta Del Este or we can arrange a hotel for a long weekend, Friday to Tuesday, to enjoy the glorious sunshine and beaches.  If you want to stay at our Punta del Este apartments contact us.

If clients are in Argentina for a short time and want to travel, we highly recommend the following destinations:

Our travel partner who arranges Argentina tours and estancias (country houses and estates) is Argentina Countrywide.

Getting to Colonia del Sacramento is so simple!

A short ferry across the Rio de la Plata from Buenos Aires to Colonia is the best and most sensible option.  We have read many recent articles about overland car journeys, which seem both arduous and dangerous.  Most tourists are ill equipped with neither the patience nor the driving skills necessary to safely navigate Argentine highways – believe us!

Buquebus is the leading company providing ferries back and forth between Argentina and Uruguay.  Ferries operate all days of the week and it is sometimes helpful to book in advance to get the dates and times you want, as Buquebus gets very busy, especially during the summer, over the festive period and in January when Argentines vacation. You have to book early to avoid disappointment.

In addition, cost is factor too, with fares cheaper and various offer made in advance of travel.

There are two ferry options, fast or slow. The fast service is a one-hour catamaran to Colonia or you can choose the cheaper three hours on the slower ferry to Colonia.

We took a look at the Buquebus website this morning and their prices are still reasonable ARG$138 for a miserable six travel hours day roundtrip, ARG$218 for a Monday to Friday fast catamaran roundtrip or ARG$238 at the weekend. There are additional charges for hotels and tours that seem quite reasonable booked via Buquebus.

Colonia is tiny and in our opinion it is both quaint and mildly interesting for a few hours around the old city, but it is not all that and a bag of chips, we await the hundreds of emails telling us off for having a view! If you are strapped for time and money, catch a bus to San Antonio de Areco – always our preference for travelers seeking quaint and interesting.

Buenos Aires Stay promises clients to tell it how it is and we would not rush off to Colonia.  However, as part of a more extensive tour, it is worth the stop for one morning’s sightseeing and lunch.


We have just run out of time, the office is about to open and therefore we will update this blog tomorrow…until then, enjoy your Buenos Aires Stay, if you have any questions contact us for more advice and travel tips:

Note: We like to talk to our clients, but time difference can make it a little difficult.  BA Stay’s team is available to speak or chat to you via MSN – apartments-buenos-aires@hotmail.com or via Skype: buenosairesstay anytime between 09h00 to 18h00 (-3GMT) during the week or when you can see us online. Alternatively, please send a return email with your telephone number and state a local time to call you back.

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