Buenos Aires Stay Apartments – Trip Report – Tim Arnold

I have been visiting and renting apartments in Buenos Aires since 2003.

Trip Report: Tim Arnold

I have successfully rented apartments through Buenos Aires Stay since 2008 – I must have just completed my 13th rental.

I am an ex- Royal Marine who now lives in the Far East.  I describe myself as a mature gentleman who waved goodbye to conventional living when giving up the Queen’s shilling.   I pretty much split my time between Argentina and Thailand.

I visit Argentina about twice a year usually during March to May (autumn) and October to December (spring) staying for a couple of months each visit.  I do not visit Argentina during December or January to avoid Buenos Aires’ stifling heat and humidity.  I get enough of that in Bangkok.

After many mixed experiences with a typical dose of chaos one should always expect from local businesses including poor administration and terrible customer services I came across an expat (British) owned and managed vacation rental agency called Buenos Aires Stay Apartments in 2007.

When I first started renting apartments in Buenos Aires, I always went for the cheapest I could find.  I am known for being thrifty and I get very excited about finding the best value.

When I first contacted Buenos Aires Stay Apartments in 2007, I was looking at a property on Guido and I was surprised to hear a British accent.  I first explained my displeasure a few months earlier renting from the largest vacation rental agency in Buenos Aires (I am not allowed to name) and that I was interested in studio on Guido in Recoleta.

I told the agent that I wanted his assurance that the property was of the highest quality. Phil Sparks laughed, ‘’Listen Tim, budget means budget.  You cannot expect to spend beer money ($150 USD a week) and drink champagne.’’

Phil, with his ‘’cheeky-chappy’’ annoying English-English (I am a Scotsman) basically told me that fusspots should avoid budget accommodation in Buenos Aires because they will never be satisfied.

I wrote back and told him this was not the way to sell a prospective client.

He explained that the cheapest apartments go really quickly and honesty is the best policy, something Buenos Aires Stay guarantees its clients. Most companies have the same range of apartments and when booking an apartment that costs about the same as a hostel room with a private bath, I should expect clean and tidy but that’s about it.

He was right of course, if you can only afford to spend $150 a week, you cannot expect a palace. It is better to manage a client’s expectations with complete honesty to avoid a whole lot of pain at check-in or during their stay.

I booked an apartment via another company, got my assurances on quality and then fought with them and a property owner for nearly 7-weeks.

When I thought about it later, I decided I liked Phil’s ‘’tell it like it is’’ approach. I promised myself not to go too cheap next visit to avoid the weeks of wrangling with people who did not to give a damn once they had pocketed your coin.

I have just returned to Bangkok after spending another autumn in Buenos Aires. I have been asked to write about my experience.

I think Phil would agree he was new in 2007 and took instructions from the jefe a little too literally!  He is much more approachable these days, but still he tells it like it is.

After being shamed for being a typical penny-pinching-Jock by Jock, the owner of Buenos Aires Stay, I now rent luxury apartments in Buenos Aires.  Mainly because I have lots of friends in Argentina and love to entertain at home most nights.  Some of my mates live outside of Buenos Aires so I always book a two-bedroom apartment to invite them for short vacations. At my age, I do not go out on the town as often as I might like.

My favourite property owners are Carlos and Graciela.  I rent either of their two apartments in Recoleta each time I stay in Buenos Aires and highly recommend them as being pristine:

Luxury Recoleta Apartment on Juncal

Luxury Recoleta Apartment on Juncal

Luxury Recoleta Apartment on Juncal

Luxury Recoleta Apartment on Quintana

Luxury Recoleta Apartment on Quintana

Luxury Recoleta Apartment on Quintana

Even better is the ‘’Buenos Aires Blue Rate’’.  When the peso hit 10.2 I have never been so happy.  Buenos Aires is not expensive, but it seems like it to me because after the 2001 crash it was so cheap.  Inflation has been raging since 2007 and so getting more pesos for your dollar makes Buenos Aires cheap again.

A Buenos Aires travel tip – only bring dollars in 100 dollar bill denominations.  If you bring ‘’dollar change’’ and try to change it in the blue market they may not take the bills or will pay you less.

Buenos Aires Stay Apartments provides a good service.  They are both helpful and knowledgeable. I would not use another business when booking rental apartments in Buenos Aires.

If you want information about Buenos Aires or Bangkok I can be found on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000189235462

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