Hotel Marriott Plaza or Edificio Kavanagh Rentals Buenos Aires

Groups and families booking the Hotel Marriot Plaza Save $1000s of dollars with Buenos Aires Stay Apartments…

Buenos Aires Apartment Rentals  are very popular. There’s no doubt that vacation rentals are a lower-cost hotel alternative chosen by holidaymakers looking for great value accommodation.


  • More Home Space

  • More Home Comforts 

  • More Home Privacy


Are rentals in Buenos Aires right for you?

Finding great value Luxury accommodation in Buenos Aires

Vacation rentals are the lower-cost alternative to expensive three to five star hotels in Buenos Aires. Even budget travelers, families and groups will save a significant amount of money when choosing rental apartments for their Buenos Aires Stay.  I am sure you have read this statement over and over again so we provide a case study:

We recently housed a gay group of five couples who wanted 4-5 star accommodation at the 14th Floor of the Kavanagh Building for 10 days.  They had come across our property when looking at booking the Marriot Hotel on Plaza San Martin.  The best rate obtained from the Marriot Plaza in Buenos Aires for each couple in a Deluxe Room was $190 USD.  The total cost of their stay: $11500 USD.

Our guests paid $8000 USD for the 10 day stay with us saving $3500 USD

What would you choose?


A deluxe room at the Marriot Plaza on Plaza San Martin Buenos Aires for $11,500 USD for a nice but poky room or Kavanagh 14th floor saving $3500 USD?


Kavanagh 14th Floor Amazing Value!



Kavanagh Buenos Aires rentals


14th Floor Kavanagh Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires most glamorous apartment & address – Edificio Kavanagh 14th floor, a landmark national monument. A magnificent 5 bedrooms apartment for vacation rental, business stopovers or long term rent . The Kavanagh Penthouse, piso 14, Plaza San Martin , Buenos Aires is an amazing penthouse apartment for vacationers who want to ‘viva Buenos Aires’ in the sassiest summit suite right on Plaza San Martin, Buenos Aires’ most exclusive city centreneighbourhood. This truly spectacular five-bedroom penthouse apartment is located on 14th floor (piso 14) in one of Buenos Aires’ landmark buildings, the stylish art deco Edificio Kavanagh (Kavanagh building). This luxury Buenos Aires penthouse apartment is the largest and most prestigious penthouse apartment in the Kavanagh building, occupying the entire fourteenth floor. From 250 square meters of private roof top gardens (accessed from the main rooms of this Edificio Kavanagh Penthouse) guests will marvel the breathtaking 360-degree panoramic view of Buenos Aires City’s skyline, the Rio del la Plata, Plaza San Martin and Uruguay on a good day. The striking Kavanagh building is designated a historical landmark, its art deco looks make the Kavanagh one of Buenos Aires most striking and desirable residences – not surprising – the architect responsible for the Empire State Building designed and built Edificio Kavanagh. This luxury Buenos Aires penthouse apartment benefits from two years of renovation, striking modern interior design and styling to Lord Alain Levenfiche’s (the current owner) exacting specifications. Described by some as ‘super kitsch’ with sumptuous custom made furnishings, every modern appliance and home-gadget imaginable, your own bar, and last but not least, Lord Alain’s trademark in-home disco with Studio 54 up lit dance floor and laser lights. This luxury Buenos Aires penthouse apartment for rent is more than a home- from-home its design is about sumptuous luxury Buenos Aires living, extreme comfort and lots of fun. The Kavanagh Penthouse Apartment 14th floor (Edificio Kavanagh piso 14).

This article compares renting an apartment at Edificio Kavanagh or booking rooms at the Hotel Marriot Plaza in Buenos Aires.  We intend to make more comparisons between budget to luxury apartments and hotels throughout Buenos Aires city.

Buenos Aires rentals are not for everyone, but if you want to save money, why not contact us to explore your options – below you use the Skype link to chat or speak to one of our advisers.

Rent Apartment 14A  Edificio Kavanagh Buenos Aires

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