How to search and rent a flat in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Stay Apartments latest article describes how to easily search and rent a flat in Buenos Aires…

Buenos Aires Stay Apartments is a leading vacation rental specialist owned and managed by expats (native English speakers) successfully lodging 1000s of holidaymakers and business travelers in quality flats right across the best and safest barrios of Capital Federal (Buenos Aires City) for nearly ten years.

Rent Flats in Buenos Aires

Rent Flats in Buenos Aires

Flats Palermo Soho Buenos Aires

Flats Palermo Soho Buenos Aires

We have an enviable reputation for being straight-down-the-line and operate a ‘’tell it like it is’’ policy. We want our travel clients to benefit from one-to-one consultancy.  Atypically, for an internet business, we like to talk, we like to advise travelers and we want our guests to return or tell all their friends the good news.


Our website has a number of features that make searching for the right flat in Buenos Aires really easy – not least clients can speak to native English, Spanish and Portuguese speakers if they prefer a more personalised touch or they are not comfortable purchasing online.

Firstly, you must choose where you want to stay in Buenos Aires City… 

Buenos Aires has 48 barrios (boroughs or districts), but Buenos Aires Stay Apartments ONLY selects and recommends the 14 or so barrios that are best and safest for tourism.


We prefer potential clients to Skype us so we can help them make an informed choice about the best barrio for their Buenos Aires Stay:


Once clients have decided where they want to stay in Buenos Aires, they then need  to decide what part of the barrio selected is best for their vacation.  It really depends on factors such as, are you a walker; whether or not you intend to use public transport; your reason for travelling to Buenos Aires.

Again, it is important to reaffirm again that you are about to spend quite a lot of money and possibly use some of your precious vacation time. It really is best to talk to an expert adviser for the best information available and make an informed choice.

Our vacations rental website has a number of features that make a Buenos Aires flat search simple.

Firstly, if you are not too bothered where you stay and you want to review the cheapest flats in Buenos Aires or find the most prestigious address for a luxury stay in Buenos Aires, you can search for the cheapest (under USD500 PW) or most expensive apartments using the links below:

Flats Under 500USD/Week Flats Over 500USD/Week

We also have an advanced search facility where you can input your dates, barrio, even a street name and select a rent that meets your budget.  If you have other requirements such as internet, pool or gym, click on the amenities box to get a comprehensive wish list to help you drill down your search.  Click the banner below to see a pop-up search box, if you experience any difficulty with your search, we are more than happy to take down your requirements and search for you.

When reviewing your list of Buenos Aires flats that meet your search criteria, you can see full property particulars by clicking ‘’more’’.  If we do not state that something is available, be sure it’s not.  Most flats have Wi-Fi and a cleaning service, but if you are unsure send us an email – reserva [at] buenosairesstay.com or Skype us.

Once you have selected a flat, why not speak to us about client feedback before making your final decision – we want you to be happy during your stay in Buenos Aires.  Please, take the time to speak to one of our advisers who speak native English, Portuguese and Spanish.  We are available for 11am to 7pm, Monday to Friday.

To request a Buenos Aires Stay flat is a simple 3-step process

There is a ‘’request now’’ button that requires only your dates.


If the apartment is available you will reach the next step and need to add your email address, note that your dates and the cost of your rental flat in Buenos Aires is detailed in that screen, please ensure that the dates are correct and the apartment meets your budget requirements.


Once you have input the information required you are taken to a final screen to provide your personal contact data.   It really is that simple!

Your request is sent to our team who will contact you immediately. The property owner is also notified that you have made a reservation.

Searching and renting flats in Buenos Aires is made simple by Buenos Aires Stay Apartments!

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