Buenos Aires Stay Apartments: An oasis in the vacation rentals business…

I have been using Buenos Aires Stay Apartments for five years.

BA Stay is an ”oasis” in the vacation rental business in Buenos Aires.

If you want to find an expat team of native English speakers that run their Buenos Aires rentals business with first-world standards, tip-top business administration and responsive customer service look no further and speak to Phil – reserva[at]buenosairesstay.com.

I am a semi-professional dancer and fitness instructor who fell deeply in love with Buenos Aires and tango on my first visit to Argentina in 2007.

Buenos Aires Stay Apartments

I returned often to take tango lessons and finally made a move to Buenos Aires to spend a year learning tango and its many styles in 2010.

I stayed for nearly one year.  It was tough and my love turned into a miserable Argentina-bashing-depression after nine months of constant problems living and sometimes loving Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires is a tough city for anyone who craves an orderly life.  My undiagnosed but clearly compulsive disorder prone person could not get used to the Porteño way of life.  Seat-of-pants living, sometimes chaos and a cultural propensity to like and live disorder all took their toll.

No sooner did I leave Buenos Aires when I missed all the things I had despised.  Orderly England was so boring and almost sterile.  My plan to export Argentine tango to Oxfordshire has been a huge success.  But ”tango’s cradle” is always on my mind and always luring me back.

I have recently returned to Buenos Aires and it has been fantastic.  Old friends, long lost milongas, familiar faces and dancers. The noise, the smells and disorder are friends I have sorely missed all these months.

Enough about me, each time I return to Buenos Aires I book an apartment with Buenos Aires Stay Apartments.  Their Buenos Aires rentals agency is second-to-none; the staff in their various incarnations are always British, very professional and helpful.  I laugh, they always seem to have the same traits and procedures, which demonstrates structure and reminds me of the ever-changing faces of Dr. Who.  Trouble with writing these things is most the world will be thinking Dr. Who?

Toni, Luka, Megan and Laura are long gone.  I now have a Phil based in Montevideo.  But the service is still extremely good and the concierge team is still based in Buenos Aires and my check-in guy is the jolly and familiar Terry Clarke, it is nice to meet the same faces after all these years.

The apartments, even the cheaper rentals that I book, are always of a good standard. And, I get the impression if you spend $400 dollars a week or $6000, you get the same service.

Rental apartments are many and even in the same price range I found there are no guarantees on quality.  All I can tell you is BA Stay always tells it like it is and you get exactly what’s written on the tin.

Apartments are like our own homes.  Things do go wrong.  The team at Buenos Aires Stay is always responsive and helpful.  Things get done.  You do not have to chase them. They have a good relationship with their property owners who speak very highly of both the company and their service.  You would think Argentines would hate a bunch of British interlopers but au contraire.

I always book in advance and try to get either one of two apartments I can highly recommend.  Both located in Barrio Norte and owned by the lovely Adriana.  They are budget apartments of a high standard. Something Buenos Aires Stay has specialised in since opening their doors in 2005.

Rentals Buenos Aires

1 bed ‘+ pool under USD400PW!

Buenos Aires Rentals – Aguero – Recoleta

Rentals Buenos Aires – Santa Fe – Recoleta 

I highly recommend Buenos Aires Stay Apartments to tango dancing tourists who visit Buenos Aires.  I am here in Buenos Aires until September and I will be back by Christmas.  I cannot stay away too long and will need my ‘’shot’’’ of wonderful chaos within weeks of returning to the ”sterility” of Great Britain.

Rentals Buenos Aires are a cheaper alternative to Buenos Aires expensive hotels.

Rita Lambert, long time client (5 years) of BA Stay.

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