Renting an apartment in Buenos Aires was a wise decision…

Renting an apartment for my family in Buenos Aires was the right decision. I am now a vacation rental convert…

The weather this morning in Buenos Aires was both sunny and glorious.

It is winter, but the sun was shining. It was near sixty-seven degrees Fahrenheit.  I was sipping coffee and enjoying the warmth of the sun from our balcony overlooking Recoleta’s beautiful green squares. With my sun glasses, a wide brimmed hat and T-shirt; the well-wrapped Porteños must think me a lunatic!

The blue ceramic roof of the Italian style church reflected the sunlight and a clean-up was underway after the weekend market.  The view is stunning.

Renting apartments in buenos aires

My family has rented an apartment in Recoleta, Buenos Aires from Buenos Aires Stay Apartments for a 15 day summer (winter here) vacation.  We (me) are not beach people after I had a skin cancer scare a few years back. I avoid the summer sun like an old Vamp.

This morning, I was woken up early and completed some work online whilst the rest of my family slept.

I am visiting Buenos Aires with my wife and two older children who are past the difficult adolescent years and well on their way to becoming young adults.  They do their own thing and did not arrive home until 06h40 this morning with accompanying noise. They woke me up. They have not stirred since. I am tempted to provide their earlier ”acoustics” in protest. I have not really seen my boys since Friday evening when they left the apartment at an ungodly hour to go to a music venue.  Buenos Aires seems to rise after midnight, maybe this is a good place for the Vamp?

I am surprised to hear that next Friday is a once a month super club, gay, mixed night tour with the same guides who are taking us to milonga. My boys both play football, don’t drink, are over six feet tall, chase girls morning to night. To my knowledge, they have never been to a gay club –  but, ‘’Buenos Aires is all about being liberal and open’’, I am reliably informed.  My wife studied fashion in the 70s and has lots of gay friends, I blame her. I do not care where they go as long as it is safe and fun.

My family has raved about Buenos Aires since we arrived. Although my children avoid our amazing sightseeing walks preferring night over day.  I will write one more article about our walks and appreciation of Buenos Aires when I get home.

At the moment, my wife is having a facial in the bedroom.  My kids are sleeping. Whatever we have desired, a call to Buenos Aires Stay has given us a wealth of information and some great services, like hair, beauty and massage in our apartment.  My wife is seeing a top hairstylist and makeup artist called Javier Aranda for tango hair and makeup after she’s done being beautified.

I promised to write a review of our Buenos Aires Stay Apartment.  I am writing this piece whilst things are still clear in my mind with the full knowledge that once I get home I might put it off until I forget my promise.

Tonight we are going on what’s described a rip-roaring tango for real tour.

At 16h00 we have our second tango lesson, my boys have protested, but our tango night is going to be a family night. Today, my boys are promised two tangueras for their lesson. They were not too pleased coupling last time.

This is our first vacation where we have rented an apartment as a family.  I would recommend vacation rentals if I could guarantee the quality of service and accommodation found at Buenos Aires Stay.

Buenos Aires Stay Apartments came highly recommended by someone we met whilst on a vacation at a lodge in Sedona, Arizona. We are exceedingly pleased since our arrival.

I had heard lots of bad stories about Buenos Aires, but after our vacation last winter I was overruled by everyone who had heard the restaurant manager talk about his annual monthly vacation in Buenos Aires.  He always stayed in Recoleta and always used Buenos Aires Stay. The stories about safety, like most anecdotes, are overstated and from our experience Buenos Aires seems really safe.

From first contact, apartment selection and check-in several months later, the service was faultless and our apartment is grand..

I had always preferred hotels and guest houses.  I think this trip has changed my mind.  I like having all my family under one roof. Given my boys are late teens and early twenties, and in a foreign country that comes with some warnings, I did not like the idea of being separated by hotel rooms.

After a long day sightseeing, I prefer being able to come ”home” and rest with all the space and comforts of our own home, including our own bathroom.  I hate sharing a bathroom and remember when we were just starting out and only had one bathroom for six months whilst I slowly modernized our old house.  It was hell-on-earth.  From now on, I cannot not imagine myself being holed up in a cramped hotel room relying on room service.

I have been a fan of Malbec, Argentine and Chilean wines since the 90s. I do not think I would live in Buenos Aires without succumbing to alcoholism. The high quality cheap red wine is phenomenal. Every time I open another bottle, I get disapproving looks from my wife.

I love the cafe society around my apartment and I am a regular at café Biela just across the road.

If you are travelling with your family to Buenos Aires and want to keep your costs down whilst improving everyone’s quality of life, then you really should investigate vacation rentals.

Vacation rentals in Buenos Aires are best value, offer more space and privacy, greater flexibility and amenities.

The fact that we are all under one roof and all doing our own thing without annoying one another is just great. My wife and I are not worried about what mischief our boys are getting into, which all make renting an apartment in Buenos Aires a wise decision.

Henderson Family, North Carolina.

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