Why I Recommend Rentals in Buenos Aires

Why I Recommend Rentals in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Trip Report (5) Chris Newbery

Rentals in Buenos Aires are now a very popular accommodation choice for vacationers and business travellers. During these difficult times they offer much better value for money. Mostly found searching online, they are described as Apartments, Condo’s, Town Homes, Townhouses and Villas. They are the lower-cost alternative to hotels, but let’s see if a Rental apartment in Buenos Aires is really right for you….

Rentals in Buenos Aires

Rentals in Buenos Aires

Vacationers often have a misconception that Vacation Rentals by Owners are cheaper.  But looking around at various websites, it seems to me that owners publish and rent property both directly and via agencies at exactly the same price.  Indeed, owner direct websites like AIRBNB, Flipkey and VRBO are very popular, but in my experience, renting direct  from an owner a couple of years ago, is that too much can go wrong with little recourse other than to complain when your vacation or business trip is over. I would avoid Vacation Rentals by Owners.

I would recommend using a local and well-established rental business with local staff ”who are actually on the ground” and able to offer full support when booking rentals in Buenos Aires.

I highly recommend Buenos Aires Stay Apartments, an expat business with a sales team in Montevideo (to beat Argentina’s dollar restrictions) and a concierge team in Buenos Aires to meet and greet, check-in and care for their guests whilst they vacation in Buenos Aires.

Rentals in Buenos Aires – where to stay

I have been a client of BA Stay for nearly five months.  I am living in my third apartment in Buenos Aires.  I have lived in Barrio Norte (my current and first choice), Palermo Soho (my favourite apartment and least favourite barrio because of geography and costs) and Recoleta (which I also loved). I agreed to write a number of specialised guides as a gay traveller. One of my earlier articles explains my choice of neighbourhood in detail:

Buenos Aires Stay Guest Trip Report (3) by Chris Newbery

Staying in a Rental Apartment in Buenos Aires is a lot cheaper than equivalent hotel accommodation. That is of course, if you can find equivalent accommodation. Choosing a professional outfit like BA Stay that lists over 900 apartments and houses in barrios (boroughs) that are safe for tourism allowed me to choose exactly where I wanted to stay within my budget. After living in and touring the various barrios, I was even able to choose a street I liked.

Rentals in Buenos Aires – save your money

I am a single male traveller. Vacation rentals saved me a small fortune. I cannot imagine how pricey it must be for families to travel to Buenos Aires and stay in a hotel. I have found Rental Apartments in Buenos Aires much cheaper (monthly rents –v- nightly room rates) and hotels cannot compete with having more space, privacy and in-home amenities that makes your vacation or business trip more convenient and comfortable.

The savings made by choosing Rentals in Buenos Aires over a hotel must even more significant if you are a family or a group and need 2 or 3 sleeping rooms.  The cost saving factor is a ‘’no-brainer’’.

Two years ago, I spent a month living in a hotel. The additional expenses incurred, because after a week or so I could not stand to be in a well-furnished-cell, were significant. Getting out of the hotel because you need to, eating out, room service or a coffee when you fancy one – I am sure you’ve cried too when getting your hotel bill on departure. Hotels are not really a luxury in my opinion and even if you think they are, it’s a luxury that most travellers cannot afford these days.

The following year I chose a cheap owner direct apartment in Cape Town. Mainly because I had only just paid back my credit cards! It was a disaster. Anything that might have gone wrong went wrong and the owner who lived in the wine region outside Cape Town was a pig.  I had no recourse and I had paid my rent on arrival.  I will never rent an apartment direct from an owner again.  My advice is to complete your homework and choose a quality local agent.

I have had some issues whilst a staying in apartments in Buenos Aires.  Choose an agency with good terms and conditions that has a complaint’s procedure that both the property owner and the guest agree when signing their rental agreement.  BA Stay is well set up and when problems have occurred, like internet failure and my pulling my blinds too hard and quickly so they doubled-up and would not come down, I have been fully supported.

Rentals in Buenos Aires – more home comforts & privacy

I love to cook.  I am young, free and single and so I also love to entertain.  The privacy, the space and flexibility of staying in my own private apartment, even if it was more expensive, would make rental accommodation my first choice.

I have a BBQ, I have a landline, I have Wi-Fi and I pay a fully inclusive monthly rent of USD1150 with no taxes or hidden costs.  My use of facilities is not a stress factor.  I know exactly what my costs are each month.

My parents and sister will travel back with me to Buenos Aires for a month next year.  We are coming back first-week January. There is no comparison! Compare staying in a cheap Buenos Aires hotel that costs $100-150 dollars per night for a family with 3 small rooms  – also consider it is not the best living arrangement for a month long vacation. For less money we have a 3-bedroom flat and two bathrooms. Privacy for Mum and Dad, my sister and me; there is also a kitchen, a large living-dining area and a balcony – what would you rather have!

Rentals in Buenos Aires are mostly located near the city’s main attractions. Rental Rates vary barrio to barrio and there’s no hard or fast rules. Even in the same building rents vary, you really have to shop around. If you are traveling to Buenos Aires to stay for a while, get yourself a cheap central apartment and use a company like Buenos Aires Stay Apartments that are prepared to let you view.  Note that most vacation rental agencies in Buenos Aires will not let you view apartments, which is a real pain.  Or, maybe it is the owner, who knows.

When renting from a local vacation rental agency, they will have good local knowledge and can give you testimonials and recommendations to help you plan. I have been very impressed by the time and care taken by BA Stay to create their guides. Advice from other guests (something BA Stay has asked me to provide) affords travellers great insights.  I have recently written about local attractions, bars and nightclubs.

Rentals in Buenos Aires – in summary…

Rentals in Buenos Aires provide more space, privacy and comfort and will reduce your costs.  I will never stay in a hotel again unless I cannot find a vacation rental apartment – most unlikely these days, vacation rentals are found in most cities and tourist destinations worldwide.

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