Buenos Aires – Late Nights – Pasta Recovery!

Buenos Aires Pasta Cooking Are you tired? About to fall off your perch? Not used to the late nights?  Stay at home and eat the best fresh pasta found anywhere in the world.  If you cannot afford a Sottovoce type supper let that mountain come to you!

Buenos Aires City, well not just Buenos Aires but Argentina is about late rising and late nights.  We eat between nine and midnight, we hit the bars an hour after midnight and if up for the big one, maybe a club at 02h00 to 03h00.

Visitors often tell me that they are just too tired for another VERY late evening out on the tiles in Buenos Aires and just want to stay at home and put their feet up.

In our smaller apartments, sometimes there is just a kitchenette and few cooking utensils so it is quite difficult to prepare your own gourmet supper.

Many restaurants deliver food in Buenos Aires, but food delivery and the best Buenos Aires delivery food I am leaving for my next article later in the week.

Today, I want to introduce travelers to the joy of wonderfully prepared fresh pasta made with quality ingredients and mouth-watering sauces of every description.

Even in the most basic accommodation, you can cook fresh pasta and have a night tucked up with a good bottle of wine, and of course get that badly needed early night zzzzzzz the idea has me nodding off already.

Okay, I can hear you say, ‘so what, we all know about those packs you buy from the supermarkets, what drugs is this guy taking, we are not complete idiots’.

I hate those supermarket pasta packs.  To get any flavor from that cardboard ‘fresh’ pasta you have to cook it until it is limp and flood the dish with sauce and salt – yuck!  I caveat that statement with one wonderful exception, the ‘Jamon Crudo  & Queso Sorrentinos’ at Carre Fore are to die for…

The great thing about fresh pasta is that our guests can microwave or cook their dish in the oven.  Hold your horses please, I am getting to my main point, but this blog must be over 500 words and now I have just 377 words and so I need a little more padding.

My favorite place to buy fresh pasta is located in the tourist barrio of Recoleta and is called Milena.  I have traveled far to find good fresh pasta in Buenos Aires and still Milena, Callao and Juncal, right on the corner is the best fresh pasta in the city.  They have a website – www.milena.com.ar and they have two other shops, one in Villa Devoto and another in Boulogne, two barrios that most tourists never see.

They have the most extensive menu I have seen yet, every Ravioles you might think of and some you will not, Raviolones, Sorrentinos, Panzottis, Sorrentinos Casores, Noquis – 30 varieties of pasta with so many fillings – this is pasta paradise I kid you not – there are just too many to name.  Finally yet most importantly, you find my favorite – Creps de Lomo and  Canelones Milena stuffed with barbecued meats, spinach and parmesan.  Their sauces are many and deserts legendary in our house – apart from the cheesecake that is bloody awful.  What is it about Argentina and cheesecakes?

When you buy your pasta packages, they ask you how you intend to cook it and pack it for the oven or the microwave or if you go for the Tallarines they just need a few seconds in boiling water followed by a gentle simmer.   EASY – microwave, oven or pot!

Last night it was my turn to cook, this last week I had been out on those tiles nearly every night, and so my choice was to wander two blocks and find some pasta.  Particularly, as my dinner guest would be a rather undiplomatic and headstrong 3 year old Agata who thinks my British cuisine a little off, but she loves pasta.

I prepared pancakes de lomo and threw in a few Canelones for good measure with a very rich bolognaise sauce topped with Parmesan cheese, melted hard and a touch crispy to the top, I love it, overkill?  I think not, do not knock it until, like Agata, you have licked your plate clean.

We had a chocolate something or other for desert and a bottle or two of Tiago Grand Cru 2004, my last, oh dear I am very sad, my favorite wine of the moment – read my wine blog and find out about my favorite wines.

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