Buenos Aires tango upset – Japanese world champions

Kyoko and Hiroshi TamoaA Japanese husband and wife tango dance couple, Kyoko and Hiroshi Tamoa, won the 7th World Tango Dance Championship in Buenos Aires on Saturday night.

The Japanese tango dance duo took top honors in Buenos Aires after achieving the highest scores ever awarded by judges in the semi-finals of World Tango Dance Championship last Friday.

Buenos Aires, the birthplace and  cradle of tango dance and tango music, witnessed Argentine tango dancers, who normally dominate the ‘Salon’ competition, beaten into third place for the first time in the competition’s history.

A Columbian tango dance couple won second place at the 7th World Tango Dance Championship in Buenos Aires.

Although both surprising and a little sad to see Argentine tango dancers lose the competition for the first time,  winners and runners up from Japan and Columbia will no doubt widen tangos appeal and add a new dynamic to the 8th World Tango Dance Championship in Buenos Aires August 2010.

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