Gay Buenos Aires Stay Trip Report

Gay Buenos Aires Stay

Trip Report & Review

I am Chris Newbery, a 28 year old gay man from the United Kingdom. Until recently, I was a health and fitness consultant mainly in the corporate sector.

I have been living in Buenos Aires for nearly three months and I am taking a one year sabbatical and want to share some of my experiences with gay holidaymakers.

I am a client of Gay Buenos Aires Stay.

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gay buenos aires stay trip report

Me at Out & About Gay Pub Crawl Black & White Party

I am in the above photograph jumping up and down right at the back with my head cocked to the right!!  I was invited to the Out & About Gay Pub Crawl’s Black and White Party – what an evening, as you can see it was a lot of fun.

I highly recommend both Out & About Gay Pub Crawl (bi-weekly events) and Gay VIP night tours with the Gay Buenos Aires Stay (GBAS) guys that are jaunts to the biggest and best gay clubs and parties – both these outfits are great fun and highly professional.

I am going to write a few articles for GBAS detailing my experiences.

The guys have looked after me very well.  It is a great pleasure to share my experiences in gay Buenos Aires.

I hope that my gay Buenos Aires trip reports and views helps other gay travellers make the right choices.

When I arrived in Buenos Aires I checked into a hostel in Centro whilst apartment hunting. I hate hostels and they are not that cheap in Buenos Aires. Most I inspected were horrible. I would not repeat that experience.  Maybe at 28 years old I am too old for the hostel vibe.

Loft Style Palermo

Loft Style Palermo

I then rented an apartment in Recoleta that was very nice, followed by the most expensive apartment, a loft style apartment in Palermo Soho (shown above)  before deciding to stay in Buenos Aires a little longer than first planned.

I had planned to travel to a few countries, but for now I am hooked on this fabulously pink city.

I now live in an neighbourhood called Barrio Norte. A central Buenos Aires neighbourhood (central to the main barrios recommended to gay tourists) that includes south Palermo, west Recoleta and the northern parts of downtown.  I chose to stay in Barrio Norte because of  convenience and cost. I have got a very good deal on a one bed apartment with a great terrace and hot tub for just US300 or GBP200 a week.

My apartment in Barrio Norte Buenos Aires

My first suggestion is forget the hostels in Buenos Aires. They are generally poor quality compared to hostels in other parts of the world. Book a really cheap apartment for a week in Centro (downtown) Buenos Aires, tour the barrios and arrange apartment inspections before booking a longer term apartment.

Apartments vary in quality, even in the same price range, so it is worth shopping-around.  The guys at BA Stay have access to over 2000 apartments and I suggest that you contact them for advice.  They are straight down the line and very helpful.  They are British expats (Phil and Terry) and you will not get any BS from them – quite the reverse!

Take a look at this low cost studio in Buenos Aires for two guests:

Cheap studio apartment Plaza San Martin for just USD28 a night

Hostels in Buenos Aires provide a room and shared bathroom for around the same price, so it’s a no-brainer.

BA Stay is happy to show apartments and their gay concierge, Terry Clarke, is a ”mine of information”.  If you are not staying for one month or more, property owners refuse to show their apartments.  Do not shoot the messenger, it is just a cultural thing. BA Stay prefers to show apartments.

My first advice to gay travellers is about where to stay in Buenos Aires. 

I have asked a lot of travellers about where they would stay when they come back to Buenos Aires.  I say when they come back because nearly everyone I meet stated a desire to return and spend a little longer exploring the City.

Most gay travellers recommend Palermo and Recoleta.

Palermo is hip and trendy, has some of the best bars, clubs and restaurants.  However, it is very expensive to live in Palermo Soho  and Palermo Hollywood.  Everything is more expensive – breakfast, coffee, beers, food and then there’s the taxis, etc.

Also, some of the Palermo neighbourhoods are not easily accessible by public transport. I spent a fortune on taxis.  Palermo Soho, Hollywood, Las Cañitas and Belgrano are not the best places to choose if you are only in Buenos Aires for a short holiday. You will spend too much time travelling to all the wonderful places you will want to visit.

Most of everything you need to sight-see is located Downtown, Palermo and Recoleta. So it makes sense to choose a neighbourhood central of those barrios that’s safe with good public transport links.

Choose a part of Palermo that’s more central with both Subte (underground or subway) and bus routes nearby.  If you look on this Gay Buenos Aires Google map, try the areas around Santa Fe Avenue, Las Heras Avenue, the botanical gardens and Alto Palermo shopping.

If money is no object and you can afford to take taxis everywhere, I think I would probably choose Palermo Soho as the best place for gay travellers to stay in Buenos Aires with some parts of Recoleta coming a close second.

I loved Recoleta and it is worth noting that both Recoleta and Barrio Norte have some really cheap apartments, much cheaper than Palermo.

Recoleta is the ”old money” barrio, but it’s not stuffy and has its share of gay establishments. In particular, a famous gay swinger’s club, a sex bar called Zoom and a sauna that I have not visited.

In addition there are some great bars and restaurants. I love La Olla de Felix on Juncal – Felix is a scream.  I also like Milion on Parana.  My bar and restaurant choices are already reviewed here at Gay Buenos Aires Stay Guides.

If you choose to Stay in Recoleta, I suggest you stay either close to Santa Fe Avenue or north of Pueyrredon Avenue. That’s if public transport is important.  Again, if money is no object or you like to walk, stay around the cemetery area or on Alvear, Poasadas, Guido and Quintana streets that are the best of the best and like living in London’s Belgravia for a tenth of the price!

I loved San Telmo for its energy and the weekend market, but found it far too busy during the weekends and closed-down and ghostly from Monday to Thursday. It is also more than just faded. It is really run-down in certain places and feels a little dangerous when the tourists are not flocking to the street market at the weekend and the area is well-policed.  I would not let my mother or my sister stay in San Telmo.

The guys at BA Stay disagree and think that I am over-cautious, but this is how I see the barrio.  I am not saying I am right.  I think these guides should offer the rough with the smooth.

The first thing that strikes you about gay Buenos Aires is an openness and acceptance of gay people throughout the city.  I caveat that statement by saying that gay tourists only inhabit about 14 barrios (districts or boroughs) out of 48 that are considered the best and safest for gay tourism in Buenos Aires.

The friendliness of Porteños (people of the port of Buenos Aires) and the dashing Argentine men are two reasons why I am staying a bit longer in Buenos Aires. But more on gay Buenos Aires, its men and where to find them in my next article.

My last point on travelling to Buenos Aires is bring dollars.  Forget all other currencies and using your credit card. You can get eight to eight to nine pesos for your dollar in lots of outlets all over the city, making your vacation at least 40-60%  cheaper than you planned using the official the exchange rate or your credit card.

My next article on Gay Buenos Aires is about gay bars and gay clubs I like the best.

Look out for my next gay Buenos Aires trip reports:

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