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Gay clubs and gay nightclubbing in Buenos Aires

I recently gave gay travelers my views on the best locations to stay in gay Buenos Aires. I am yet to visit all the gay venues in Buenos Aires and intend to write more reviews because Andrew McCance who had written the majority of the Gay Buenos Aires Stay guides is taking a well-earned rest!

gay clubs buenos aires

Fiesta Troya

Firstly, it is worth pointing out that my new gay friends go to as many straight clubs as they do gay clubs and so my reviews will focus on a mix of both gay and straight nights from Thursday to Saturday.

I am going to go out and about for the Gay Buenos Aires Stay team later and earlier in the week to write a second article on Sunday to Wednesday – a little tricky – within a week or two.

buenos aires gay clubs

Fiesta Dorothy

Leave your labels at home

I know this point is made in other articles on the Gay Buenos Aires Stay Guides, but a little reinforcement is no bad thing. Nobody cares about your sexuality in Buenos Aires. In most bars and clubs, gay or straight, right across the city you will find gay people. I think you should leave your concerns or ‘’claustrophobia’’ about partying as a gay man in straight clubs at home – or was that just me?!

Make new friends easily

I have never gathered so many new friends so quickly! The Porteños are a fun loving and gregarious bunch. If you are a people person you will have no problem making new friends. My friends are both gay and straight and that’s the other thing, my straight friends have no problem whatsoever coming out on the town with me to gay venues – it is so refreshing.

Argentine men are so good looking

In addition, Argentine men are so good looking. A wonderful mix of native and European bloods has worked its wonder. My jaw drops more often in Buenos Aires than it did in the UK. Argentine men are very good looking.

Looking good is cheap

Also, Argentine men are so fastidious about looking good – old and young – they seem really in touch with what silly magazines describe as a man’s feminine side – what a load of tosh. There’s not anything feminine about wanting to look stunning guys and getting everything perfect – great hair – good facial treatments – good teeth – really cheap compared to home. I have exchanged money at between eight and ten pesos to my dollar. Bring dollars.

Gay Argentines want to escape

Many gay boys in Argentina have a very similar view – they cannot wait to escape Argentina. They dream of living in either the United States or Europe. Everyone wants to visit or live in London (nobody gives a shit about the Falklands/Malvinas) and cannot believe that I would give up a good job and leave Europe to live in Buenos Aires.

How I got stuck on gay Buenos Aires

That was not my plan. I took one year out to see South America whilst things are a little quiet at home with human resource departments cutting back. I got to Buenos Aires three months ago and I am hooked for the moment.

Best online information about gay bar, clubs and discos

My first tip is to find the most up-to-date information on what’s on and where for gay travellers – Gay Buenos Aires Stay Guides on Facebook is a great resource that links every gay or gay friendly night with flyers, discounts and more importantly it is updated daily.

Do not go gay clubbing in Buenos Aires too early

Gay venues start to get busy about 01h30. The queues form and sometimes it is chaotic. My suggestion is to buy your tickets before or contact Gay Buenos Aires Stay about guest lists, or at the very least jumping the queue. They may or may not be able to connect you, it depends on the night. But generally their guests just walk right in.

Get sex at sex bars or saunas and forget the pick-ups – go out to have fun

I have spoken to the boys about this at Gay Buenos Aires Stay and they agree with me. Going out for a night on the town is expensive for most young gay men in Buenos Aires. They go out to hear good music, they go out to dance and they are not so interested in hooking up or going home with someone. They want their money’s worth and generally will not leave a club to around closing. They also do not drink excessively like the Brits. It is too expensive. Most find sex on the internet or at gay sex venues throughout the city.

My Best gay club recommendations

Gay Buenos Aires clubs Thursday night

I am going to start my week on a Thursday and give you two options for a great night out.

My first recommendation is Out & About Gay Pub Crawls. Meet up with gay travellers, expats and Argentines on a fully guided tour of Palermo’s better bars with free tapas, shots and VIP entrance to Glam with transport. It is a great way to meet new friends and avoid getting lost – something I am best at.

Go directly to Glam

Glam Gay Club it has a dance floor, two bars, a dark area and a patio. It can get a bit packed, but you get a good crowd mainly 20s to 40s. The entrance includes a drink and I am not going to list prices because I have noticed prices going up regularly since I arrived due to inflation. I love Glam, the musics okay, its varied with some good electronica, the guys are friendly and interested to meet visitors to practice their English, the place is well run and it is well worth a visit.

Club 69

I love Club 69. You get a crowd that loves electronica, old and young, gay and straight, old girls completely off their faces partying to the beats. This night is really a lot of fun and I highly recommend it as one of the gay friendliest venues in Buenos Aires.

Gay Buenos Aires club Friday night

Fiesta Troya

The gay venue of the moment is Troya. Troya is in Palermo and is a bar/lounge and disco. It gets a mixed crowd with twinks, bears and Muscle-Mary types who love to show off – I am not complaining let me tell you. The bar is set up over two floors with a downstairs lounge and first floor crash area, the dance floor is a good size and fits the crowd without getting too busy and is on the first floor with an adjoining patio for smokers and some time out. I have had some great nights at Troya and love the music.  The guys go there to dance and party.

Just being promoted at the moment is Human Mandarin and it is on my list to visit in the next couple of weeks. There is also a night by the same group called FLOW.  They do not promote their new nights very well using a mix of PRs all promoting on facebook which is very confusing and makes it hard to follow what’s going on where.

Gay Buenos Aires Clubs Saturday night

My first recommendation is Buenos Aires Out & About Gay Pub Crawl. Meet up with gay travellers, expats and Argentines on a fully guided tour of Palermo’s better bars with free tapas, shots and VIP entrance to Rheo at Crobar with transport.

Go directly to Rheo at Crobar

This is a great gay night. Buy VIP although it has recently got a bit too crowded in the VIP. I love the music. You get a varied crowd with lots of good looking men. It’s a real party atmosphere and probably the best gay club on a Saturday night in my opinion. There’s an entrance patio area that’s been great with the good weather with two bars, but I am told winter is on the way. June has been sunny and warm, it has been lovely. Inside you have a large bar and dance floor with VIP upstairs.


This is a wonderfully trashy night if ever I have been to one. There’s something for everyone at Amerika although it is frowned upon by some of my new friends. One thing you will get quite early on in Buenos Aires is the ‘’Euro-crowd’’, not really from Europe but with all the aspirations, can be a little racist about those who are darker referring to them as negras (black girls) and although there’s no class system operating in Argentina you would not know it. I would say Amerika has a different economic demographic to some other clubs and feels a lot more local. It is a place for pick-ups and the upstairs has a low-lit area where people can have a fiddle – it is very busy. I have had my money pickpocketed in the dark area when I arrived so be careful.

There is another gay club that’s open about once a month called Fiesta Dorothy, I have been to one of Gay Buenos Aires Stay VIP evenings with jump the queue, VIP entrance, booth and champagne and highly recommend a night out with the team.

For more information on all the gay clubs with links to their websites and news pages, with a map on Google, use the link below:

Comprehensive Gay Clubs Guide with Map

My last Gay Buenos Aires Trip Report on where to stay…

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