Tango Buenos Aires for Real – Private Lessons & Guided Night Tours

Tango Buenos Aires – Private Lessons & Guided Night Tours

Tango in Buenos Aires is a way of life – a nocturnal subculture that is sadly missed by most travelers who visit the city. Our guides and tours seek to inspire our guests to experience tango in its purest form.


Dance Tango in Buenos Aires

We have often been critical of the glitzy shows (we recently wrote an article on the tango shows in Buenos Aires most recommended by our guests)  and advised tourists to seek out a tango-teachers and guides to teach them tango and take them on tango tours to experience tango for real and see Buenos Aires tangueros (tango dancers) in their natural habitat – the milonga.

The milonga is any venue or space where tangueros congregate to dance the tango.

Tango characterizes the passion and intensity of Buenos Aires and is a true expression of the city’s very essence.  Tango dance and tango music constantly evolve, its reincarnations capturing the hearts and souls of new generations.  No dance form rivals tango’s sophistication and sensuality.


Tango Tours Buenos Aires

As promised in earlier tango Buenos Aires guides we offer a unique early evening to late night private tango tour that offers unique insights into tango culture in Buenos Aires and is your chance to experience tango for real.

You have made it to Buenos Aires and I strongly advise you not to leave until you have experienced tango in Buenos Aires with the help of an Argentine tanguero (he who tangos) who has danced tango for nearly twenty years.

You do not really need to come to Buenos Aires to see a glitzy tango show they are appearing all over the world. What we offer travelers really interested in tango is something entirely different.  Our Buenos Aires tango tour is the chance to immerse yourself in Buenos Aires tango scene like a local.

Our tanguero will guide you on a magical journey into the very heart of tangos’ birthplace.

Our tour is fully guided tango tours, include transport and are fully inclusive of all costs.


Best Tango Review Buenos Aires

We start our tour at the oldest café in town for a short show that demonstrates tango dance styles and tango’s evolution.  It is a cracking show that lasts just over an hour.

gay buenos aires

La Olla de Felix Buenos Aires

Then we are off to ”La Olla” an intimate atypical bodega where our host is both our chef and waiter to delight you with Porteño fayre accompanied by a fine Malbec.

We complete our tour at the best of Buenos Aires late night Milongas – do not expect to get home until the early hours.

A Milonga is where the tango aficionados meet to dance tango and demonstrate their particular tango styles amongst their contemporaries.

Our Buenos Aires Tango Experience is no show, this is Argentine Tango for real.

If you want to have a tango lesson earlier in the day either morning or afternoon, we will arrange your lesson either at home (if you have space) or at one of our carefully selected tango studios. We ask that you request lessons when booking your tango tour.

Contact us at reserva [at] buenosairesstay.com for further information and costs.

Private guided tours are available for a minimum of two guests and a maximum of ten guests.

Larger groups require more staff and must be booked at least 14 days in advance.

Tango Buenos Aires for  Real

Private Lessons & Guided Night Tours


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Tango Buenos Aires for Real – Private Lessons & Guided Night Tours

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