Best tango shows recommended by Buenos Aires Stay Apartments

Tango Shows Recommended by Guests at Buenos Aires Stay Apartments

Tango dance Buenos Aires, Tango la Boca

There are many tango shows in Buenos Aires.  Most are expensive, offer lots of glitz but in the past we felt they short-changed tourists with poor artistic quality, by missing the true spirit and cultural importance of this endearing dance form born in the slums of Buenos Aires, and last but not least, served horrible food.  That was our experience.

According to our guests that’s changed and some tango shows are highly recommended by our guests.

Most tango shows in Buenos Aires tell the history of tango dance, tango music and song but some still fail to capture the true essence of tango.

My tango guide once told me that tango is an addictive drug.  Tangueros crave pain, pleasure, passion, excitement, connections, torment and bliss as they transcend from tango beginner to tango dancer to inevitably spend a lifetime searching for perfection.

He assured me that my ambition to become an accomplished tanguero promised immense pleasures and disappointments foretold in tango’s music and lyrics – he was quite a profound bunny who just disappeared one day, never to be seen nor heard of again.

Buenos Aires Stay recommends that travelers interested in tango carefully select tango shows and also find a private guide who teaches dance and will take them to a milonga.  Only then will see tango in its purest form as described in our earlier articles on tango in Buenos Aires.

When our guests return home we ask them about their Buenos Aires Stay and to tell us about the highlights of their vacations and it is their anecdotes and the views of our knowledgeable advisers that inform my articles.

As promised, I provide a list of tango shows that are highly recommended by our both guests and advisers at Buenos Aires Stay Apartments:

Tango Buenos Aires

Complejo Tango

Av. Belgrano 2608, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Balvanera) Tel: +54 11 4941 1119

Complejo Tango comes highly recommended by our guests.  It is the only tango show providing a quality tango lesson, tango show and dinner, or a tango show with drinks that our clients’ consistently recommend. I personally have not been to this tango show, but will do so very soon and I will report back giving you my own opinion.  I am told the lessons are a hoot and the instructors are fantastic.  The food is of good quality and the show very good.

Tango Shows Buenos Aires

Tango Porteño

Cerrito 570, Buenos Aires, Argentina Tel: 5411 4124-9400

Tango Porteño comes a close second as the most recommended tango show by our guests and the advisers at Buenos Aires Stay Apartments, but again, it fell short of inspiring me. My visit was some time ago and maybe it is time I went back because shows, food and service have improved throughout the tourist sector and maybe my view is old-hat.  I found the show too long, the service lousy and food appallingly bad – that is not the view of our guests who love Tango Porteño.

Tango in Buenos Aires

La Ventana Tango Show

Balcarce 425, Buenos Aires, Argentina Tel: 11 4331 0217

La Ventana Tango Show gets good reviews from our guests, it is about 50/50 – people seem to love it or hate it.  People I know personally that have seen other show state it is one of the better tango shows, well organised with a great orchestra and fine dancers.  Tango people I know think it is one of the better shows from an artistic perspective, but again lots of complaints about the food and service.

Tango Show Buenos Aires

Rojo Tango

445 Martha Salotti, Faena Hotel & Universe, Martha Salotti 445, Buenos Aires, Argentina Tel: +54 11 5787-1536

If you want first-class service, good food and a more intimate tango experience, maybe a little more cabaret in format than other shows we are told, this tango show although quite expensive is generally considered good value by our guests.  Again, I have not been to this tango show and intend visit sometime soon because I have heard really good things about both the show and food.

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