Celebrations Today! Three Won Democratic Decades Argentina!!

Often forgotten, Argentina is a relatively young democracy – just 30 years old today!

10 December 2013 heralds in three decades of democracy in Argentina after a military dictatorship spawned a Dirty War rumoured to have disappeared nearly 30,000 people.

It is a proud day for Argentina.

Even though democracy is somewhat imperfect – ”a wayward youth” – democracy still reigns and the country is split almost down the middle either loving or despising incumbent President Cristina Kirchner. The wife of the late president Nestor Kirchner.

Love or hate the Kirchner governments, 2012 and 2013 saw elderly Dirty Warriors who committed crimes against humanity, both those in charge and enthusiastic subordinates, finally punished for their crimes.

Congratulations Argentina!  30 years of democratic rule demonstrates great success potential for one of the most amazing of the emerging American nations!

Proud Tyrannical Military Rule

Proud Tyrannical Military Rule

Unrepentant Dirty Warriors

Unrepentant & Still Proud Dirty Warriors 2013

brave mothers plaza de mayo

Brave & Tireless Mums of Plaza de Mayo

democratic argentina 30 years

President Raul Alfonsin President 1983

Carlos Menem President of Argentina

Carlos Menem President of Argentina 1989

President de La Rua Democratic Argentina

President de La Rua Argentina

Duhalde President Argentina

President Duhalde Argentina

Late President Nestor Kirchner

Late President Nestor Kirchner

Current President Cristina Kirchner

Current President Cristina Kirchner


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