Masked Halloween Ball – Sexiest Theme – ‘’Eyes Wide Shut’’

Halloween is nearly upon us!

02 November 2013 is the “Eyes Wide Shut” masked ball. An exclusive 300-people-only masked ball on the Galileo cruiser leaving upscale Puerto Madero at 2am.

Themed on Arthur Schnitzler’s 1926 novella Dream Story and Stanley Kubrick’s later thriller with Tom Cruise, Eyes Wide Shut, promises to take you on a tantalizing journey and bring out the pagan in you!

The LOVE Group promotes THE exclusive Halloween party on the Buenos Aires party circuit, but tickets are limited – so please make your booking now.

Guest revelers will board the catamaran dead on the Witching hour (midnight), on the water, right front of the Hilton Hotel (dique 2) Puerto Madero for a complimentary cocktail.

The boat will leave to navigate Puerto Madero’s docks and the Rio de la Plata from 2am to 6am, passing under the iconic Woman’s Bridge and promising fantastic night views of the city of Buenos Aires.

Top-flight DJ’s Tomas Abella and Leandro Silvera, two of the best DJs in Buenos Aires, and residents at Club69, Pacha, Love Party, Shamrock, will pump-out-the-sounds to a glamorous crowd.

For pre-sale tickets, contact Juan Pablo Gomez at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jpg25


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