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Buenos Aires (city rather than Province), correctly named ‘Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires’’ (Autonomous City of Buenos Aires), is the capital city of Argentina and the second largest city in South America.


A port city, Buenos Aires is neither part of Buenos Aires Province (so take care researching where to stay) nor is it Buenos Aires Province’s capital, which is La Plata.

Buenos Aires lies on the western shore of an estuary called the Rio del la Plata facing Colonia, Uruguay, which is only one hour away by ferry.

Buenos Aires city is an autonomous part of federal Argentina with its own mayor and legislator.

The city is formally divided in 48 barrios (districts or boroughs). Unless travelers know Buenos Aires, it is advisable to choose one of the barrios we recommend.

Choosing where to stay in Buenos Aires can be confusing because many informal names are given to neighborhoods within each barrio, i.e., Las Cañitas, is a newly developed middle-class part of Palermo favored by expats; Hollywood and Soho, two recent trendy inventions, are in Palermo Viejo or old Palermo; Barrio Norte is not a barrio, it is a neighborhood that includes parts of Centro, Recoleta and Palermo.

Throughout the next series of articles we highlight ”quick-facts’‘ to help anyone considering travel to Buenos Aires make informed choices.

Each section below is linked to detailed informational guides on accommodation, living, touring and eating-out in Buenos Aires’ best and safest locations.

Quick Buenos Aires Facts:

The two barrios where vacationers and business travelers choose most often to Buenos Aires Stay are Palermo and Recoleta

Our favorite barrio is Recoleta and the Barrio Norte neighborhood.

The Google map below shows the size and geography of Buenos Aires city whilst identifying the barrios we recommend to travelers because they are both safe and well-located.

View Buenos Aires Stay Apartments - Where to Stay in Buenos Aires in a larger map with lots more guides and informational links to help you make the right choice.

The barrios we recommend are also best to explore Buenos Aires’ main attractions and are close to the central business district.

Our next guide explores traveler safety in Buenos Aires.

Quick Buenos Aires Safety Fact

North Buenos Aires is generally safer than South Buenos Aire>read more

Belgrano and Palermo Buenos Aires guides

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