Buenos Aires – tell it like it is – Travel Safe

Buenos Aires – Travel Safe Guide

Buenos Aires is generally safe in the 14 barrios and various neighborhoods we recommend to anyone travelling to Buenos Aires Stay.

Quick Buenos Aires Safety Fact

North Buenos Aires is generally safer than South Buenos Aires.

Like any capital city, you get the poorest and richest people living side-by-side. Certain barrios change character from one street to the next.  This guide, ‘’tells it like it is’’ and seeks to ensure our guests and all travelers to Buenos Aires are safe.

When writing this guide, we realize there can be exceptions to any rule and admit to generalizing to make our safety guide to Buenos Aires easier to understand if travelers are not too familiar with the city.

The wealthiest porteños (people of Buenos Aires Port) generally live in the north of Buenos Aires. That demographic changes the further south you travel.

Life today is more depressed in the poorest areas of Buenos Aires today due to inflation and drug use is a problem among disaffected youth.

Quick Buenos Aires Safety Facts

La Boca is dangerous outside Caminito Street; Congreso suffers petty crime late at night and at the weekend; Retiro – Plaza San Martin – Florida Street are all known for confidence trickery, bag snatching from motorbikes and street robbery.

The above barrios, neighborhoods and street detailed above are areas of Buenos Aires where our clients have experienced minor problems. We simply advise caution and common sense as sufficient countermeasures.

Quick Buenos Aires Safety Facts

Safe barrios & neigbourhoods

Almagro  Belgrano  Caballito  Colegiales  Downtown  Hollywood & Soho   Las Canitas  Palermo  Puerto Madero  Recoleta   Villa Crespo

Caution & Common Sense

Downtown  Monserrat  Plaza San Martin   San Telmo


La Boca outside Caminito Street (travel by bus or taxi) leave before 19h

About Buenos Aires’ barrios

Our next guide to Buenos Aires in this ”tell it like it is” series will explore each of the barrios we recommend to travelers. Here is a flavor of what follows with guides, maps and photos of each recommended barrio or neighborhood:


View Buenos Aires Stay Apartments - Where to Stay in Buenos Aires in a larger map

We love Colegiales. It is located to the north of the barrios we recommend to travelers with Alvarez Thomas Avenue, Forest Avenue, De los Incas Avenue, Virrey del Pino Street; Cabildo Avenue; Jorge Newbery Street, Crámer Street and Dorrego Avenue as its boundaries.

Its neighbors are Belgrano, Chacarita, Palermo and Villa Crespo.

Like most of Buenos Aires you find old and modern buildings, low and high rises, and more than a fair share of traditional ‘’chorizo’’ (long and thin) and town house homes.

Unlike many barrios we recommend, Colegiales cannot be described as ‘’touristy’’.  It is a perfect ”escape” for travelers who want Buenos Aires city with both greenery and a suburban feel in a safe residential barrio that is decidedly Porteño and middle class.

More detailed information on Colegiales

Colegiales Buenos Aires Guide

The next in this series of Buenos Aires ”tell it like it is ” travel guides describes the best and safest barrios -

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