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Buenos Aires Best & Safest Locations

Where to Buenos Aires Stay

Belgrano & Palermo Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Stay creates definitive ‘’tell it like it is’’ guides to the best and safest barrios (districts or boroughs) in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Our barrio guides help travelers learn about geography and the ”pros and cons” of Buenos Aires’ most popular barrios for travelers and expats.

Buenos Aires city or Capital Federal is formally divided in 48 barrios (districts or boroughs).

Unless travelers know Buenos Aires very well, it is advisable to choose one of the barrios we recommend.

What can complicate matters is that barrios are often subdivided by  neighborhoods. Palermo for instance, the largest barrio in the north part of the city, which is definitely one of the best and safest locations for tourists and business travelers, has unofficial neighborhoods called - Las CañitasSoho, Hollywood, Chico and more recently Nuevo.

Our where to stay in Buenos Aires guide includes links to more detailed information on each barrio, sightseeing, eating, entertainment and hundreds of Buenos Aires apartments for rent and quick facts to help you focus in on the characteristics that travelers find most attractive.

If you check out our main website we make it even easier to focus on your ideal location or even search for your favorite street!

Moving north to south, we describe the best and safest locations to Buenos Aires Stay:

Buenos Aires safe & Best – Belgrano Buenos Aires

In the past, Porteños spent their weekends and leisure time in Belgrano. Today, Belgrano has a thriving commercial center and is a quality residential barrio prized by middle and upper middle class residents.

Belgrano has a good commercial center with excellent shopping, cafes, restaurants and entertainment. Residents will proudly tell you that Belgrano is Recoleta’s main rival for attracting “important people’’ without the girly bars and tourist traps. If you are considering Belgrano for your Buenos Aires Stay remember that it is a little more residential, local and quite a distance to the city center.

Belgrano changes in character street-to-street. As you walk this barrio it changes from a fabulous leafy enclave with a suburban feel with grand houses and high quality apartment blocks that rival Puerto Madero’s docklands for their looks and facilities to more commercialized built up zones that have older apartment blocks, shopping and most importantly Buenos Aires’ Chinatown.

Belgrano’s fast-pace commercial zone is located on Avenida Cabildo, located approximately 25-minutes by subway (Subte) to El Centro.  If you are tourist by day and a ‘’quieter bunny’’ by night, then Belgrano is your safe haven.  You will find peace and quiet away from Buenos Aires busier tourist barrios.  Belgrano is safe and well policed.

Buenos Aires Barrios – QUICK FACTS – Belgrano

Safe, green, commercial, good local infrastructure, excellent public transport, lots of bars and restaurants but expensive and further from the city center.

Belgrano Map

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Where to stay in Buenos Aires – Palermo?

Palermo Buenos Aires is the largest barrio in the north of Buenos Aires City. A great favorite with travelers, it probably ranks as either the first or second barrio, along with Recoleta, chosen most often by tourists and business travelers.

Quality apartment blocks and tree-lined residential streets of wider Palermo contrast with the very grand family of Palermo’s many neighborhoods that each has very particular characteristics that entice holidaymakers and expats alike.

Palermo Chico is probably the most salubrious neighborhood in Buenos Aires with palatial homes, embassies that follow tree lined lanes laid out by French-Argentine landscaper Carlos Thays at the turn of the twentieth century.

Palermo Viejo (old Palermo) is a trendy, vibrant and arty neighborhood in Palermo’s grand family.  Independent designers, culinary experts and happening bars explode onto the Soho and Hollywood scenes making Palermo Viejo the “must see and be seen in” destination.  Old Palermo is divided by a train track into Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood. There is no end to fabulous shopping, eating, wandering, and partying until dawn.

Palermo Soho is a young, hip and happening neighborhood of known for its boutique shopping, great restaurants and some of Buenos Aires very best nightlife.

Palermo Hollywood, so named because it attracts lots of TV and Film companies is a little more residential with lots more apartment blocks and its share of fine restaurants and nightlife.  It is worth mentioning here that care around the train tracks and nightclubs late at night is advised because our clients have been both conned and robbed late at night.

Las Cañitas is recently regenerated and the epitome of trendy-chic.  Exclusive properties, quality bistros and a busy nightlife define Las Cañitas as another thriving part of Palermo grand family.  With grand-openings occurring constantly and an eclectic foreign community, Las Canitas is quickly becoming one of Buenos Aires’ most popular neighborhoods for young Porteño professionals and expats.

The Bosques de Palermo, Hippodrome, Japanese and botanical gardens, the Zoo and many other attractions firmly established Palermo as a great choice for new arrivals to Buenos Aires. 

Buenos Aires Barrios – QUICK FACTS – Palermo

Quieter for city traffic than most areas (apart from Alto Palermo). Cool and trendy neighborhood in certain parts, but not all of those parts are created equal – so ask. Full of excellent restaurants, bars and discos; lots of trees and parks; great shopping for clothes;  safe if you use your common sense late at night when leaving bars and clubs. Most parts are easily accessible by bus and some areas are connected by subway.

However, rents and living in this barrio seem to ”march on” ignoring the general state of the world’s economies making it an expensive barrio for budget vacationers. Our clients often complain of poor public transport in certain parts of this barrio where there are no buses (ask our advisers).  It is quite far from the city, Puerto Madero and San Telmo if you are not close to the Subte or good bus routes.

Palermo Map

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